Photography is my passion

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Taking photos is my passion. Flowers are great to take photos of, I love putting minor transitions on photos them because it makes certain elements stand out, the colours on flowers pop and the element of nature is just breath taking. These images are from my garden and the one on the very left is from Botanic Gardens.

All images taken by Sabrina.p

What do I eat each day for lunch and recess?

Activity 2: 

Visit Inside Scoops Taco Tuesday post to learn what their students eat for lunch.  Leave a comment on Taco Tuesday post to let them know what you eat for school lunches in where you live or write a post to share what school lunches are like where you live.

I like to have a healthy and balanced diet. I have at least one piece of fruit and veg each day, one packet of chips and another fruit based item. I do sometimes pack myself a chocolate or a sweet for a little treat. I find it crucial that I eat a bit of everything to ensure I keep fit but enjoy eating. Too much chocolate is bad for you so I limit myself. 

Food in my country, whats popular? Did they originate from your country?

Activity 1:

Write a post on food that is popular in your country. In your post, include links to where you researched and some images with attribution. You might also want to a collage of images or a slideshow you have created.

I found some very popular foods, that originated from Australia (my home country) where: Lamingtons, Pavlovas, Vegemite, shrimp on the BBQ, lamb cutlets, meat and three veg, pork and Meat pies.

Most animal based foods that are shown above originated from Australia because during and after federation Australia was filled with animals, English and Australian. I haven’t used any websites for the data I have included because I am Australian and I eat these foods regularly and so do my mates. 

Please leave a comment on foods you like to eat from your home country or religion

How do I celebrate Halloween?

Pumpkin Brutality

cielleandlacey charronandcochran via Compfight

How do I celebrate Halloween?

I am Australian but my family and I still celebrate halloween. We decorate the front part of the house with spooky decorations. We go all out, lanterns, carved pumpkins, candy, sweets, spiders, webs, the list goes on and on. We decided to start the tradition of halloween after we had several halloween parties, we had all the supplies so why not celebrate. I go trick or treating with friends around my suburb. Halloween is great fun because you get to decorate the house, dress up, hang with friends, receive sweets and watch a bunch of scary movies and shows.



All finished!Creative Commons License

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All seems fine on this haunted night.

But little do the people know, to nights the night the dead can rome.

Out from graves, coffins and more, they have lived a life before.

Ghosts they roam, far and wide, Remember not to close your eyes.

As you wonder down the streets, look around and have a peep.

Candy, costumes and decorations, the dead are filled with frustration.

For tonight you decided to not remember the dead and tonights the only night they can get out of bed.

Boo, Jump, Scare and haunt, It’s all they have really been taught.

For tonights the night the dead roam free, tonight must be Halloween.

Trick or Treat you decide, I know for sure I won’t be outside.

By Sabrina Petrucco


Using Images

funny snow leopard

Cloudtail via Compfight

Part if the Student blog challenge is to include a Compfight image.

This is my using images photo. when you use an image that you haven’t taken your self you must include a bibliography. You must include a bibliography because then you are referencing the image and saying that you like the image so you have included it in your work. The blue highlighted above is my bibliography and you can see it says via Compfight which means that you discovered it from the Compfight plug in.

About Me



This is me on the very right with my Head of School, Mrs Jane Danvers. This was taken when I was 9.

Hello, who am I?


Hello, my name is Sabrina

I am a 12 year girl from South Australia. I live with my two older sisters and my one younger sister. I am part Italian but mostly Australian. I enjoy most sports including softball, hockey and athletics. I am a very up beat and energetic person who is advanced in blogging.


In my family (the six of us) we have 1 older cat and 3 young cats. I have my own personal cat named Mercades, I spell it differently because I wanted it to be more unique. My cat is black with white paws, tip of tail and tummy. He also have a big white plunged covering some of both eyes, his noes and his mouth. But he has a black nose and lip which makes him look like he couldn’t decide whether to paint himself black or white. I also have a pony called Mickey (he is white), he lives up at a family farm. I also have a girl dog named Bunty who is a trie coloured boxer and I have many fish.


I have a large house with a pool and big lawn space which allows me to train for sports. I enjoy baking and free trampolining and spending time with friends and family. I am a bit of a imaginative story writer.




Chocolate- Caramel

Animal- Cat

Colour- Blue (turquoise or mint)

Food- My dads Carbonara and my mums Brodo (which is a traditional Italian soup with rice)

Drink- Creaming soda spiders with vanilla ice-cream

The woodland Beast



Woodland Beast

I can’t believe my eyes, could I possibly be dreaming. I stare in disbelief at the dark and murky water, twigs are rising from the depths. Slowly and strangely they join together, it grows taller and higher until a branched figure appears. It’s legs are long and skinny. As I am backing away slowly I trip on a twig and I clumsily fall onto the ground, sending leaves into the air. The Woodland beast turns, revealing a crooked smile, enormous green eyes and a carved wooden face. It extends a branched hand allowing me to step on, I have second thoughts as I am aware of all the bad outcomes that could happen. I slowly step onto his hand. He holds me up closer to his face to inspect me, he seems a lot friendlier up close. He lowers me once more, I can feel my palms sweating, I have a sigh of relief. With his other hand he points to his chest, “Faren” he says in an old and wise voice. I decided to do the same and I slowly pointed to myself “flora”, I answer. He smiles and I look more closely into his eyes, they glimmer like gems or thousand of dropplets on spider webs. He takes his other hand and pulls out something from the water. He gives me a seedling and says “Faren baby, next generation, need flora”. I take the seeding and he places me gently back onto the ground. I place the seedling in my satchel and leave, I disappear out of sight, I leave as swiftly as a bird.



Language Features- Madeline M Hatters Hat by Sabrina


Old-Fashioned FuchsiaCreative Commons License

Swallowtail Garden Seeds via Compfight

This image is similar to what Madeline’s hat looks like.

Madeline M Hatters Hat 

Once upon a time their was a girl named Madeline M Hatter who had a magnificent magical magenta hat. Madeline’s hat was the personification of a fairytale hat, the hat was covered in glitter, pipe-cleaners, diamonds and random materials. One of the magical properties the hat had was an endless capacity of storage for wondrously random items. Her hat was like a blossoming flower of colour, it never seemed to fade after being worn hundreds of times. Anyone who saw the hat thought it was a messily creative disaster, although they thought is suited Madeline’s personality.



1-  Alliteration

2- Personification

3- Emotive word

4- Simile

5- Oxymoron 



Seven yr 6 girls from Wilderness School, South Australia played at Hockey SAPSASA. These girls played on the North Adelaide/Torrens River team.  These girls included Teagan, Sabrina (me), Summer, Sophie, Meri, Anne-marie and Gisele. The girls played 9 games each going for 45 minutes each, trainings and warmups. The team won 2 matches and fought hard, unfortunately the girls lost 6 games.

The girls worked really hard and are happy with the outcome.